Where’s Aldo?


Just kidding! Can you see the zucchini hiding in the leaves? They get so big because they hide so well!

The weather is really turning here in Minnesota. Blue skies, falling leaves, then cloudy and the wind sweeps in, rain on and off, and back to blue and peach and pink and red and copper and yellow and… beauty.

I LOVE Fall. 🙂


Earlier this week, I took out the last of the warm-weather plants–the tomatoes to let ripen and saute up green, the cukes to pop into brine for pickles, the bean pods drying on the vine to plant next year, some comfrey to hang in the attic for medicinal tea, and the last of the zucchini to make into zucchini pasta and breakfast porridge!

the last of the warm-weather harvest!


Any way you can think of to get veggies into your breakfast meal is worth it!

The more veggies of all kinds you eat, the healthier your body and brain will be, and starting your day out with healthy veggies, fats, and protein sets your body and brain up for a beautiful day. Find more veggies for breakfast recipes, including cauliflower breakfast porridge, nettle breakfast oats, spring breakfast bowl, parsnip-burdock crockpot breakfast, cabbage, apple & sausage breakfast skillet, wakame eggsand more!


Planting a garden, tending it, and harvesting the food is such a soul-satisfying way to be present with the turning of the year.

Planting in the Spring and seeing new green shoots pop up from the dark underground makes my soul wake up to new life.

Tending the garden all Summer–weeding, nourishing, and encouraging as the plants get stronger, filling out, coming into their own–feels like tending my own soul.

And the Fall harvesting of mature, flourishing greens and fruits to feed myself, my family and friends brings the blessings of abundance and gratitude of a life well-lived.

The cold-weather plants will last longer–I still have arugula, parsley, kale, and chard to harvest before the snows get too deep, but the garden is definitely looking calmer these days…



What are you harvesting in your life right now?

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