Holistic Coaching

This is coaching for the whole, holy you–your body, heart, mind & soul. Holistic Coaching draws on all the flowers in my garden to support you in creating a life you love, a life full of presence, wholeness, and joy. Perhaps:

  • You are stuck in unhealthy patterns of body, heart, or mind and can’t seem to find a way out alone.
  • You feel overwhelmed and tired of fixing yourself.
  • You want to feel at home in your body and at ease and resilient in your life.

The time I spent with Katy was invaluable.
I ended up doing more inner and outer work with her support than I knew I needed and it has been
life-changing and life-supporting in so many wonderful ways.

Katy is one part health coach, one part cooking teacher, one part spiritual teacher, and one part warm and friendly mentor. She embodies a truly unique combination of gifts and talents. I had to do the work, and Katy was the perfect mentor to walk that path with me!

~ Francesca, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Washington DC, Read more.

T hree Ways to Get Support!

Spiritual & Life Coaching

for whenever you need a little extra
support for your life or spiritual practice

Mindful Body Coaching

gentle, exploratory sessions to welcome your body as s/he is & invite more ease

Full Voice Coaching

experiential sessions to awaken full expression in your voice & your life

Wouldn’t you love it if you could turn to yourself with trust and acceptance in any moment of your life?

Imagine you have a basket full of well-being practices that you can draw from all day long, each one designed to fit your lifestyle so that you can come back to yourself, to presence, in any moment.

But right now you feel overwhelmed, like there’s never enough time to be present, to take care of yourself. You feel stuck in unhealthy patterns that aren’t serving you—maybe you binge eat, maybe you numb out by sitting in front of the screen, or maybe you can’t stop obsessing about what someone said or did. You’re sick and tired of fixing. You’re sick and tired of feeling disconnected from yourself. You’re sick and tired of not knowing how to turn this around.

You may not feel like it, but at any moment,

You can make a choice to wake up out of this stuckness trance and live your life now!

People who practice presence not only enjoy their lives more, but are happier and nicer friends, partners, family members, and employees! 🙂

My stuckness trance made itself known with feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with always trying to fix myself.

Allow me to explain, I have always cared deeply about trying to be a good person. And yet, through working with the Enneagram, a psycho-spiritual personality system, I’ve realized that there is a less positive angle to being “good.” I find myself always striving to be good enough and dissatisfied with where I am.

Over the years, I have tried many paths, from self-development books and workshops to different spiritual paths and faith traditions, therapy, the Enneagram, and women’s work.

And over and over again, instead of being given rules to follow, I found myself lovingly invited back to my body, my heart, my mind, exactly as they are RIGHT NOW.

I didn’t believe it could be so simple. “But,” I would say, “This is not the right way to be thinking, feeling, eating, exercising, experiencing…I want to do this better.”

And for many years I kept searching for the right way. In my seeking, I found many beautiful practices. And I kept trying to use them to fix myself. (My personality just wouldn’t give up!)

One day in an Enneagram Training, as I was trying to become a different, better personality, I FINALLY got this—

I don’t need to change into a different person.

I don’t need to fix myself. I need to accept myself as I am. This is the path to healing and opening to the caring, wise, good person I already am.

WOW! Big breath. Big opening of body, heart, and mind!

From that moment on, I have believed and slowly begun to understand that I am good enough as I am…that I don’t have to change into someone else. And instead of fixing myself, I’ve been using all those wonderful practices to accept and welcome my experience more and more deeply in every moment.

And I have found that from this place of self-acceptance,
real, substantive transformation is possible.

I became so passionate about sharing what I had learned that I went back to school to get  more training. And from coaching, to teaching, to creating ritual, to leading chant and song, welcoming people into the truth of their immediate experience of body, heart, mind, and soul has been my work. More about me.

Spiritual & Life Coaching

for whenever you need a little extra
support for your life or spiritual practice

Mindful Body Coaching

gentle, exploratory sessions to welcome your body as s/he is & invite more ease

Full Voice Coaching

experiential sessions to awaken full expression in your voice & your life

Spiritual & Life Coaching Sessions

In these sessions, I draw on the resources from my training and practice experience to meet your needs in the moment. We work holistically to help you befriend, trust, and nourish yourself on all levels so that you can live your life with more ease and joy.  No one diet or lifestyle works for everyone. We partner together to to support you in crafting a rich and soul fulfilling life, drawing on the many flowers in my garden. You will:

  • Cultivate mindfulness, deepen your connection with yourself, and learn many practices that can be integrated seamlessly into your life.
  • Learn ways to move beyond the stuckness, to drop the constant struggle, and stop fixing.
  • Explore ways to work with your inner critic instead of letting it stop or push you. 
  • Understand, forgive, and accept yourself more thoroughly
  • Work with the wisdom of the Enneagram if that resonates for you.
  • Learn to listen to your own inner wisdom instead of relying on external rules.

In our time together, my role as your spiritual mentor is to:

  • Create a supportive environment that enables you to focus on your relationship with yourself.
  • Help you explore many forms of nourishment—not only physical food.
  • Focus on practical, lifestyle changes rather than making lists of “good” and “bad” habits.
  • Help you uncover why you are having difficulty making change, and cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself.
  • Coach you to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible and fun—and free of denial, guilt, and “shoulds.”
  • Celebrate your wins!
  • Support you in deepening your connection to your own inner wisdom so that you can “feel your way rather than think your way home.”

Everything we do will be applicable to the real life you are living now.


$95 per hour. Contact me to set up a Spiritual & Life Coaching session.


I am re-energized to take better care of my bodysoul, with better food choices and my own inner wisdom…
I have reconnected with who I am, remembering that strong, happy, passionate person,
and I am coming back to my body regularly to ground and revitalize. 

~ Shirley, Minnesota, Read more.

Mindful Body Coaching Sessions

In these exploratory bodywork sessions, we use the body as the primary way in to explore how you hold stuck patterns in your bodysoul so that you can create more intimacy, trust, and resilience with your body.

We explore movement with mindful awareness to undo habitual, stuck physical patterns that may be related to other aspects of your life, including your personality, to help you gain more range of motion, stability, ease, and flexibility in your body.

In addition to the principles of SomaYoga and Women’s Yoga, other embodiment practices are also brought in to explore how to come home to your body’s truth and how to support your growth and transformation so that you can live an embodied life of deeper ease, well-being, strength, and resilience.

You then bring this expanded awareness, mobility, and sense of self to your whole life.

Do you get caught up comparing yourself to others and trying to put your body into
the perfect pose, the perfect run, the perfect dance step, the perfect ___
_ ?

There is no perfect movement or pose
except the one that is right for your body! 

You can explore and access the brilliance of your body
just the way she (or he) is right now.

In our time together, I will draw on my experience with Women’s Yoga and Embodiment Practices.

Many movement practices have been developed by men for men’s bodies, not women’s. Our curves, our different hormonal cycles, our neurological wiring, and the body tyranny we face in our culture… these all call out for a more balanced way of practicing.

In Mindful Body Session, we create space for you as a woman to express and be all of yourself through your body. It is a way of inhabiting your body in an inquisitive way, of coming home to how your movement can flex, curve, and flow to feel good and opening and inviting in your woman’s body.

Allowing your body her full expression is what creates the space to deepen your presence and feel more trust and acceptance of yourself.

Mindful Body Sessions include principles from my training in SomaYoga, Women’s Yoga, and Resonant Kinesiology to help you:

    • Move from the inside out, from feeling and sensing inside the body, not from striving for some outward masculine ideal of some perfect form.
    • Drop the mind over and over again into the body, and be OK with not knowing, diving into the depth, into the dark to find a deeper sense of self.
    • Get in touch with all the layers of ourselves—body (including energetic body), heart, mind, soul.
    • Reclaim your flesh, curves, individual expressions of the Feminine in your human form.
    • Wake up your Feminine brilliance by emphasizing connection with your lower body, the home of the Feminine.
    • Find freedom within the limitation or structure of your movement, which translates into your life.
    • Remember the balance of yin and yang that is appropriate in the moment based on the time of life, season, age, etc. We need practices to sink in, rest, listen, and be held (yin) as well as practices to challenge us to grow (yang).


$75 per hour. Contact me to set up a private Mindful Body session. 

Women’s Yoga Classes may also be available.


Katy’s Mindful Body Session helped me to deepen my understanding of the mind body connection.
It helped me see how I physically manifest my emotional life, how everything inward
finds a way to express itself within the body. I learned some great techniques that helped
me let go of unwanted tension and stress, and reconnect to my true self.

~ Larissa, Artist and Teacher, Minnesota

Full Voice Coaching Sessions

In these practical and experiential sessions, we use your voice as the the way in to finding more freedom, wholeness, and a full range of expression in your life. You don’t have to be able to sing to open to greater flexibility–you just have to be willing to experiment and try on some new sounds!

We usually don’t question the way our voice sounds–we may like it or not–but we tend to think of it as set in stone. We tend to think we just have a voice. But our voice developed over many years and has been influenced by the messages we’ve received in our lives.

How we speak, sing, and sound reflects how we see ourselves, the image we put into the world. And sometimes our voice conveys our message really well, but other times, it’s mis-matched and we have trouble getting our meaning across.

In the Full Voice practice, developed by Barbara McAfee, we play around to expand our range, to find more freedom, to explore more parts of our voices and ourselves. This can change not only how we speak, and how we sing, but how we live and use our energy in our lives.

In our time together, we will explore the 5 Elements Framework, developed by Barbara to find the places you feel most comfortable and the areas you find challenging.

Roy Hart, an actor and ancestor of the Full Voice work, said “the voice is the muscle of the soul.” How you speak and sing reflects WHO you are. So, to bring greater flexibility and range to the voice is to also expand our contact with soul. It is another way to do our spiritual work!



In Full Voice Sessions, we will explore how your voice can:

  • Feel and sound grounded, calm, and authoritative. (Earth Element)
  • Communicate fiery passion, confidence, and conviction. (Fire Element)
  • Be a compassionate, healing, and affirming presence. (Water Element)
  • Be heard, loud and clear, shining brightly. (Metal Element)
  • Open up vision, possibility, and inspiration. (Air Element)

I came to this work looking for a way to feel like I could confidently speak my truth and stand in my own authenticity, not to learn new singing techniques! The process opened my voice to sounds I didn’t know were possible for me, and in so doing, also continues to deepen my process of reclamation of my wholeness.



$75 per hour. Contact me to set up a private Full Voice session. 

Group Sessions may also be available and can be customized.


Katy followed each insight and opening I had and mirrored back to me a loving presence that honored and respected each unfolding as sacred, significant and special. She offered non-judgmental permission to be exactly where I was,
no less, no more, lovingly and joyfully supporting me
to stay open to each new unfolding.

~ Rebecca, CNA, FMHC, Minnesota, Read More.

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