for your body,
heart, mind
& soul

I offer a range of coaching options to meet your desire to live a mindful and embodied life. Engaging in coaching with me could be for you if:

  • You are stuck in unhealthy patterns of body, heart, or mind and can’t seem to find a way out alone.
  • You feel overwhelmed and tired of fixing yourself.
  • You want to feel at home in your body and at ease and resilient in your life.

This most significant overall change I have noticed, is that I am more present to what is happening
in my life right now. Our work with the Enneagram, your deep listening, your truly nonjudgmental holding,
and your willingness to be flexible in how we worked together helped me tremendously.
I am becoming more and more comfortable with myself. I feel much more grounded in me.

~ Karen, Portland, Oregon, Read more.

Choose Coaching to Fit Your Life:

Spiritual & Life Coaching

for whenever you need some support in your life & in your spiritual practice

Enneagram Coaching

for identifying type, real-life applications, spiritual practice, & couples

Mindful Body Coaching

gentle, exploratory sessions to welcome your body as s/he is & invite more ease

Full Voice Coaching

experiential sessions
to awaken full expression
in your voice & in your life

The time I spent with Katy was invaluable. I ended up doing more inner and outer work with her support
than I knew I needed, and it has been life-changing and life-supporting in so many wonderful ways.
Katy embodies a truly unique combination of gifts and talents. I had to do the work,
and Katy was the perfect mentor to walk that path with me!
Read more.

~ Francesca, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Washington DC

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