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If you’re feeling a little bit stuck, or cut off from yourself, or maybe too emotional or scattered, take a baby step and choose a practice or some inspiration from my blog to support you.

You are crafting your rich and soul-fulfilling life one mindful choice at a time.

Grounding–yin or yang?

  Exploring and deepening my connection to the earth has been a big part of my journey over the years.   I’ve always felt grounded. People have commented on my solidity, my steadiness, my ease with the physical world. Partners have found my presence stabilizing and...

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return to the most human

  Return to the Most Human by May Sarton Return to the most human, nothing less will nourish the torn spirit, the bewildered heart, the angry mind: and from the ultimate duress, pierced with the breath of anguish, speak of love. Return, return to the deep sources,...

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Smile into Spring

  Smile.   Yes, right now, just try it on your face. Notice how you feel right now. For me it's instantly softer, more joyous, more at ease. Right. Now.   As we teach in Laughter Yoga, just the simple act of intentional smiling and laughter sparks the feel-good...

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a thousand ways…

  What does it mean to be awake?   An age-old question, for sure.   If things aren’t going wrong in our lives, we sometimes don’t even know that we’re not very awake.   It can be so easy to glide along in the comfortable illusion of awakeness. I’m fine.  I don’t let...

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Are you self-full?

  At an Enneagram presentation a year or so ago, a question came up about being selfish. Selfish is such a buzzword--especially for those of us who grew up as women in this culture, over the age of 30 or so... We were taught that to be selfish--to be concerned about...

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