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If you’re feeling a little bit stuck, or cut off from yourself, or maybe too emotional or scattered, take a baby step and choose a practice or some inspiration from my blog to support you.

You are crafting your rich and soul-fulfilling life one mindful choice at a time.

The F-Word

This is the 1st of a 3-part series. Read the 2nd here. Or listen to the full talk.   The F-Word. As a born-again Christian (and an Enneagram type One), this word was totally off limits. It was a BAD word. Only BAD people used it. And I, of course, did not want to be...

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Essential Self-Care

a few years ago, i was talking with a girlfriend about what to do when we're stressed--anxious, overwhelmed, to help ourselves come back to ground. she mentioned going to a spa and spending the weekend pampering herself. at the time, i wasn't so sure....

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