The Mindful Body

This gentle, exploratory, body-centered work could be for you if:

  • You want to create more intimacy and trust with your body.
  • You want to release stuck patterns in your bodysoul.
  • You want to experience your body, your movement, and your yoga from the inside out.

Thank you for offering me this opportunity! I have felt my comfort with my body increase
and it has helped me feel like I can start getting active again.
I am able to use this practice throughout the day at work to remind my muscles that they can relax!

Katy is great at supporting modifications and in making people feel comfortable
with where their body is on any specific day, at any specific time.
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~ Kristen, Project Manager, U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust Services

JumpingMindful Body Sessions & Classes

Do you find yourself sitting for long hours, ignoring your body, or pushing in your movement?

Maybe you even injure yourself, avoid moving, or never seem to get flexible from all your stretching?

Do you have trouble taking your yoga (or spiritual practice) “off your mat” into your daily life?

Do you get caught up comparing yourself to others and trying to put your body into the perfect pose, the perfect run, the perfect dance step, the perfect ____ ?

There is no perfect movement or pose except the one that is right for your body!

Mindful Body sessions invite you home to the brilliance of your body just the way she is right now.

Mindful Body—An Exploratory Embodiment Session. In Mindful Body Sessions we combine movement with mindful awareness to undo habitual physical patterns that are keeping your body stuck. You will receive practices to continue creating more freedom in your body at home. Sessions combine the practice of SomaYoga as well as Feminine and other spiritual and embodiment practices.

YogaNorthSignSomaYoga is a combination of Somatics (originally developed by Thomas Hanna) and yoga. We primarily work on the floor exploring mindful, gentle, small movements that help you get in touch with your body from the core, so that this awareness can spread also to your periphery (limbs). The practice helps you gain range of motion, stability, ease, and flexibility in your body. SomaYoga slows everything down and retrains the mind to drop its habitual movement patterns in order to release held tension and gain greater ease and freedom.

Other embodiment practices are also brought in to explore how to come home to our body’s truth and how to support her growth and transformation so that you can live an embodied life of deeper ease, well-being, strength, and resilience. We consciously explore how stuck patterns may be related to other aspects of your life, including your whole bodysoul (body, heart, mind, soul). Additional practices tailored to your specific situation will help you expand your range of expression, including and living more of yourself.

You then bring this expanded awareness, mobility, and sense of self to your whole life.

Women’s Yoga Evening Practice

Relax, renew, and restore with SomaYoga, Yin Yoga, meditation, and embodiment practices specifically designed for a woman’s body, heart, mind, and soul.

Thursdays, starting May 4th, 2017.



* Jumping Katy photo courtesy of D’Antonio Photography & The Way of the Happy Woman®

Katy’s Mindful Body Session helped me to deepen
my understanding of the mind body connection.
It helped me see how I physically manifest
my emotional life, how everything inward
finds a way to express itself within the body.
I learned some great techniques that helped
me let go of unwanted tension and stress,
and reconnect to my true self.

~ Larissa, Artist and Teacher, Minnesota

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