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I’d love to help you find ways to practice presence
by living your life more mindfully, in touch with
the innate brilliance of your body, heart, mind & soul.

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I would describe Katy as a woman of passion, a sage, a mentor, a guide, a coach…
One who listens with her head and her heart—
with a deep wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.
Thank you, thank you, Katy, for listening and for your insight and support.
Soul food! Thank you from the “back” of my heart for all your spiritual direction!!

~ Tamerin, Coach, Minnesota Read more.

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If you’re looking for things to do that will help you reconnect with yourself, my offerings include many options to meet your yearning for a life that is congruent—aligned with who you are and how you want to be in the world. See what’s happening.

Join Like-Minded Friends for Tea & Presence

Sharing tea is one of my favorite things! It slows me down, helping me to be more mindful and to savor my life. I have created some community-building, presence-filled tea events that I would love to share with you! Read more.

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Would you like to feel more at home in your body and more at ease & resilient in your life? I offer virtual and in-person coaching, drawing on a range of modalities from Holistic Life Coaching to Mindful Body, Full Voice, and more… All of my coaching is for your whole body, heart, mind & soul, which I call your bodysoul. Find out more.

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