As Mother Teresa said: “We can do no great things; we can do small things with great love.”

Take baby steps. Do small things with great love. They add up!

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The time I spent with Katy was invaluable. I ended up doing more inner and outer work
with her support than I knew I needed and it has been life-changing
and life-supporting in so many wonderful ways.

Katy is one part health coach, one part cooking teacher, one part spiritual teacher,
and one part warm and friendly mentor. She embodies a truly unique
combination of gifts and talents. 
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~ Francesca, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Washington DC

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Since working with Katy, I am more present, patient, and compassionate with myself and others.
I am less “judgey” with myself, more allowing and noticing.

A very valuable part of the program is that I always felt better after talking with you.
It gave me someone else in my life that I could check in with regularly who was part of my healing posse. That ROCKED! Read more.

~ Kris, Therapist, Colorado


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