Practice Presence for Life!

A Free, 5-Day Online Journey

Simple, Doable Practices.
Turn Your Everyday Actions
into Sacred Ritual.

Get Your Life Back on Track!

Feeling Overwhelmed & the New Year Just Begun?

Are you going through the motions, just getting by?

Maybe you feel like you won’t be able to follow-through on your New Year’s intention… yet again?

Perhaps you’re so stressed out, you aren’t appreciating your precious life?


This is your sweet, gentle, and loving invitation to enter your life with sacred intention with the

Practice Presence for Life Journey.


You’ll get excited about your life again–because you’ll be aligned with its innate support, rhythm, and beauty. You’ll be living your life with sacred intention and practice.


This Practice Presence Journey is over.
Please sign up below if you’d like to join us next time!!

Thank you, Katy, for these inspiring practices and creating a sacred space to encourage us
to return to our innately loving selves.

~ Dara

So mostly I’m grateful that I will have these simple, powerful techniques to carry on past this crazy week… and, slowly, they will increase my presence to myself, and, slowly,
I will recreate my work and home spaces to be less cluttered and more peaceful.

~ Erin

How to Practice Presence for Life

If you’re ready to create sacred space in the way you live your life:

  1. Enter your name and email below.
  2. Each day, Sunday through Thursday (or whenever you join), you will receive an email that sets you up to practice something new on the next day. It will include practical suggestions as well as inspiration for practice–poems, music, readings, and other small morsels of delight.
  3. Read it, listen to it, interact with it, and try the practice on the next day!
  4. You will receive an invitation to join a private facebook group that includes fellow journeyers to share how it’s going, post pictures, and support each other!

Ready to Be in Touch with the Goodness in Life?

Let me hold your hand and lovingly walk you through your daily life, helping you find a grounded rhythm, a heartfelt ritual, a centered approach.

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