Sacred Remembering


A Holiday Gift

for your Essence

Wouldn’t you love to give a gift someone really needs?

Sacred Remembering Holiday Package

A Holiday Gift for Busy People!

an oasis in the storm of the holidays

inspiration to return to their sacred longings

soul-supports to come home, to remember their innate goodness, their preciousness, their unique essence

daily practices and rituals they can incorporate easily into their full lives

Available As:

Simple Sacred Remembering: Two CDs, E-Book, Specialty Tea, Guided Savoring Meditation

and for a special one-of-a-kind personalized gift:

Sacred Essence Remembering: Includes the above AND a hand-crafted collage to reflect their unique Essence and journey. Read more.

More About What’s Included In this Special Holiday Package

Inspirational Sacred Music

My CD, Welcome Brigid, and my Christmas CD, The Path. Listen to samples here.

Katy, I wanted to tell you that your music and voice are transcendental. I was truly moved at your concert, [We] felt transported to a meditative, mystical place. Thank you so much!Read more.

Welcoming the Sacred E-Book

A color copy of my E-Book, Welcoming the Sacred, which includes practices to bring more presence into your daily life.

This 10-page e-book gives you many suggestions for filling your day with more presence, starting with when you first wake up and finishing when you lay your head back down to rest.

Katy’s Garden Tea

An ounce of my proprietary Katy’s Garden Tea, the caffeinated Morning Blend or herbal Evening Blend.

Enjoy a cup of tea as a mindfulness practice in your day. Create your own tea ritual to anchor in new brain habits to support you in living a more present life.

Guided Savoring Meditation

I lead you in a guided meditation to practice savoring your tea with all your senses, and then lead you to take the same principles and apply them to the art of savoring your life.

The more moments we savor, the more present we are in our lives. The more present we are, the more our presence is a gift to others.

For the Sacred Essence Remembering Package Only…

Allow me to create a personalized Essence Collage that will not only inspire, but give your dear one deep soul-support during one of the most ungrounding and busy times of the year.

An Essence Collage helps you keep your attention on the deepest and truest parts of you. It keeps you focused on what you want to integrate in your life. It reminds you that you are more than whatever is happening in the moment, and that you can reconnect to this depth and goodness that is you.

Personalized Essence Collage

For the Sacred Essence Remembering package only.

I create a personalized 9×9 inch collage to express the Essence Qualities your loved one would like to live into–Joy, Love, Compassion, Strength, Clarity… You will fill out a questionnaire to personalize the process and can also send materials and/or pictures you would like to have incorporated.

My collages have been featured in Joyce Schwarz’s Harper-Collins book, The Vision Board, including one on the inside cover. See sample personalized collages below and more examples of my collages here.

This collage helps me to remember
my courage and ability to take action,
to believe they are innate parts of me,
especially when I am procrastinating
and indulging in anxiety.
~ David

This collage helped our son Zander
to see that even with the arrival of
his baby sister–both gift and
upheaval–his place in the family
is beyond question. 
~ Gailyn

Every time I see this collage
I am reminded that I need to
shake my habits up a bit
and embrace more fun, excitement,
and joy!
~ Kimberly

The Sacred Remembering Gift Package is available in two forms:

Simple Sacred Remembering

Two CDs ($30 value), E-Book ($6 value), Specialty Tea ($10 value), Guided Savoring Meditation ($10 value) = $65 value with s&h
$40 includes s&h (foreign postage adds an additional fee)

Sacred Essence Remembering

Two CDs ($30 value), E-Book ($6 value), Specialty Tea ($10 value), Guided Savoring Meditation ($10 value), and Personalized Essence Collage ($200 value) = $265 value with s&h
$150 includes s&h (foreign postage adds an additional fee)

Order Information

For Christmas Delivery, orders must be received:

  • Simple Sacred Remembering: Orders must be received by December 15th. No limit.
  • Sacred Essence Remembering: Orders and completed questionnaire responses must be received by December 1st. Only 20 packages are available.

Have additional questions? I’d LOVE to answer them for you!

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