Tea Time with Katy

Tea is one of my passions! Do you love tea, too? Yes?

Tea Time with Katy offers a delightful menu of opportunities to:

  • Engage with tea in a mindful way that will melt your stress and tension away.
  • Add more nourishment and goodness into your life so that you fill to the brim with joy.
  • Create sweet connection with yourself and others in good company!

Katy has a deep, calming presence as well as an impressive wealth of knowledge and wisdom on mindfulness. She brings her spiritual teachings to a very earthy, practical level.
Her tea rituals make you feel as if you are part of something very ancient and universal,
as we humans seek ways to be more present and soulful in our daily lives.

~ Becky, Spiritual & Wellness Counselor, Minnesota (read more)

Choose Nourishment & Mindfulness
with Tea and Me!

Mindful Art of Tea

Combine the simple act
of drinking tea with presence
practices to develop
mindfulness of body, heart
mind, and soul.

Tea & Poetry

Tea and poetry paired
with the season or another
theme creates deeper
connection with yourself
and others.

Healthy High Tea

High Tea that is yummy and
gluten- and dairy-free,
paired with meaningful
conversation to nourish
body and soul.

Tea & Be

Gather with tea to
engage with creativity,
deeply fill our wells
and rest in ourselves
with each other.

I have an obsession with Tea!!

I admit it! 🙂

  • With its many bold & subtle, rejuvenating & calming, clean & musty, savory & spicy expressions,
  • With its sweet invitation to slow down and come into the present moment, letting your tea time be a sacred ritual,
  • With the close community created in sharing presence with tea (in person or virtual.)

Watch for an event on my calendar or contact me
to bring more mindfulness and nourishment to your private event!

The Mindful Art of Tea

In this 1.5 hour workshop, we combine the simple act of drinking tea with presence practices to develop mindfulness of body, heart, mind, and soul. Through meditation, experiential exercises, poetry, readings, and inquiry, we grow awareness of ourselves, each other, and the tea we are engaged with to land more fully in the present moment.

Mindful Art of Tea Gathering, TBA.

Tea & Poetry

I developed this randomly with Barbara, the dear friend featured with me in the photo! We both love poetry and met to read it to each other while sharing tea. Tea & Poetry sessions are 2 hours and include poetry and tea paired with the season or another theme. We use the poetry as a way to reflect on these themes in our lives and deepen our connection.

“Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing gift of hospitality with us at the Tea and Poetry event. Every bit of it was enjoyable and filled with wonder! I learned so much about how to appreciate beauty, people, and life.
Thank you and blessings.”
~ Etta, Minnesota

Tea & Poetry Gathering, TBA.

In the cozy safe container Katy creates with her own mindful presence during The Mindful Art of Tea, I felt more able to connect with my own grounded “beingness.” Now, in having tea, I find the pleasure of coming home to myself, rather than just a brief escape from a busy day. 

~ Dianne, Healer & RN, Minnesota (read more)

Healthy High Tea

Maybe I was English in a past life! Or maybe it’s my genes? I don’t know any other way to explain my fascination and love of High tea! However, I am also a Health Coach, so the food I create and serve has to be HEALTHY, not just yummy.

Healthy High Tea includes a 3-course gluten- and mostly dairy-free spread (may include butter and/or eggs) with herbal, green or white, and black tea paired with each course. All the teas are organic from Plum Deluxe in Portland, Oregon, and the food is mostly organic and all homemade, with no refined sweeteners.

Sipping tea served in my nana’s eclectic tea-ware, which is served in pots from my world-wide tea pot collection, we will engage with meaningful community-creating topics so that we can connect and nourish ourselves on all levels.

“Thank you for such a lovely lovely high-tea experience! Your food was so great
and also inspiring to me that such simple healthy ingredients
could taste so wonderful. Also, it was really great to meet so many nice people.
Thank you for doing this. I hope you’ll do another one in the near future!”

No dates currently scheduled.

Tea & Be

Do you take mindful time for yourself, for yourSelf?

Resting deeply in our true Selves is different from watching TV, zoning out with our favorite substance, or cruising around the web.

Resting deeply in our true Selves usually includes these attributes:

  • Slowing down,
  • Being quiet and/or still and listening deeply within,
  • Connecting with our individual creative expression,
  • Being mindfully attuned to whatever we are engaged with.

In this 2-hour gathering, we gather, with tea and a gluten- and dairy-free treat*, to rest in ourselves. (*Real food; may include butter.)

We will engage with our creativity, meditate, share, and take time to deeply fill our wells so that we can meet the world with more presence.

Next Gathering, TBA. See calendar.


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