Love Notes from Clients


I LOVE serving my clients with this work!

It is a such blessing and an honor to support them and journey with them on their individual path to wholeness.

Each woman’s path is different, and yet the same—she is coming home to her authentic self.

These Love Notes reflect the different outer experiences on the inner journey home.

The time I spent with Katy was invaluable. I ended up doing more inner and outer work with her support than I knew I needed and it has been life-changing and life-supporting in so many wonderful ways.

Katy is one part health coach, one part cooking teacher, one part spiritual teacher, and one part warm and friendly mentor. She embodies a truly unique combination of gifts and talents. I began the new year with an intention to cook more, and I thought I just needed more time to cook and a few new recipes. It turned out I had a lot more unraveling to do with my relationship to food and cooking. Simply being given a few recipes wasn’t going to cut it. I had to do the work, and Katy was the perfect mentor to walk that path with me!

During my time with Katy I have taken away a clear focus on cooking as part of my spiritual practice, and it has made me both more committed and more light-hearted about it. Katy is also a really experienced Enneagram teacher, and that work as given me a whole new container within which to view and understand myself. It was a really fun and meaningful way to look at my patterns and move out of the ones that weren’t serving me anymore.

Thank you thank you thank you Katy. I am forever grateful for the work I have done with your guidance and support.
~ Francesca, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Washington DC

When I first started working with Katy, I was in dire need of a personal support system. I wanted to start a new company. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to find and engage with my passion. I seemed to have everything I needed—all the resources were in place—but I wasn’t acting on what I wanted, and I felt like I was running out of time.

I reached out to Katy because over the years of interacting with her at The Enneagram Institute, I had always respected her wisdom, integrity, caring, experience with the Enneagram, and personal touch. I knew how to get things done, and I had many systems in place, but something was stopping me. I was doing fine, but I wasn’t growing, and I wasn’t moving on my dreams.

In the six months working with Katy, I learned how to listen to my body wisdom with compassion and confidence. I learned to accept, nourish, and work with all of myself, understanding and unraveling the fears and criticism that were stopping me and bringing loving awareness to all my feelings. I learned how to practice true self-care, to allow pleasure, and manage various food cravings.

Now, I’m happy to say that I have laid the foundation for a company I had wanted to launch. I achieved my weight loss goal by better understanding not only the reasons I was eating, but also the real effects of the food. And I am ready to live this second half of my life, feeling more alive, sexier in my skin, and more full of passion than I have in a long time!

Katy’s intelligence, support, lessons and experience were instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. I recommend Katy to anyone looking for a strategic partner in creating a better life. She will explode what’s possible for you if you choose to join her on this path.
~ Sheila, Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley

I now have energy for my life and my kids. I am taking in less caffeine, have less depression and anxiety, and I have more innate desire for healthful foods that my body wants. I’ve also experienced a shift in thinking about the ritual around food and how to nourish myself, including an attitude of curiosity about my behaviors and kindness towards myself.

Katy was able to help me work toward my goals by providing everything from recipes, to guidance, follow-ups, meditations, and ways to bring awareness to behaviors that may be sabotaging my goals.

Katy can get right to the heart of the matter with compassion and kindness. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to look inside, get to know yourself, and listen to your own wisdom.
~ Shannon, Senior Software Developer, Minnesota

Katy was a one stop shop for my dietary and relationship dilemmas. Her knowledge of various foods and also the Enneagram spoke directly to my needs. With Katy’s gentle guidance, I was able to eliminate sugar from my diet and explore my social blind spots. My life has changed exponentially with Katy’s mentorship. Thank you.
~ Kathy, Health Care Worker, Minnesota

Since working with Katy, I am more present, forgiving, and compassionate toward myself when it comes to eating. I am listening to inner wisdom regarding what and how much I will eat. I am getting better at negotiating with different parts of myself and coming into balance without doing an “all or none” thing. I feel like I am on the right path to listening to my body by reestablishing that connection between my mind and body.
~ Michelle, Minnesota

When I started working with Katy, I was overall feeling overwhelmed, depressed and I was often becoming physically sick from stress and overextending myself. I needed to learn how to manage myself and my life differently. Honestly, it was either try this program or try anxiety medication.  

Katy was able to help me to see my behavior patterns and the ways in which I was holding myself back. She asked me thoughtful questions along the way and introduced new concepts and strategies I could test. She was so encouraging. Not shy about sharing praise or acknowledging if I was finding something challenging. And I appreciated how she’d send me a quick email to check on me if she hadn’t heard from me in a while or how she’d send fun things in the mail!  

Now I’m so grateful to be in a remarkably better place 6 months later and not even thinking about medication. I have tools to better support my body and mind. That’s given me the foundation to take care of myself better, communicate with others better, and effect the changes and outcomes I desire in a greater way.
~ Johannah, Human Resources Director, New Jersey

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching with Katy has changed my life. I have been in and out of therapy for much of my adult life and have been prescribed an assortment of medications to treat my unhappiness. Katy creates a safe, loving and non-judgmental place and I can fully express my feelings and thoughts. We have been working together for just 6 months and I am no longer taking medications and am full of hope. Thank you, Katy.
~ Karen, Maryland

Thanks, Katy! Lots of resources out there, and you are one of the best! I was so happy to be with you, and felt so accepted and heard! Hearing your words validated a LOT! I have to tell you how often I think of you with so much gratitude!! I have been working so much with the things we have talked about and drawing from teachings from the Enneagram and a lot from Eckhart Tolle’s work and I feel like things have opened up so much for me.
~ Sara, Health Care Worker, Minnesota

I would describe Katy as a woman of passion, a sage, a mentor, a guide, a coach…One who listens with her head and her heart—with a deep wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. Thank you, thank you, Katy, for listening and for your insight and support. Soul food! Thank you from the “back” of my heart for all your spiritual direction!!
~ Tamerin, Coach, Minnesota

Katy provided a safe, non-judgmental space in which I could address my personal challenges and experiment with her insightful recommendations. Working with Katy was an invaluable experience.
~ Jennifer, Lawyer, Pennsylvania

Katy was able to help me work toward my goals by living what she teaches, being consistent and encouraging, recognizing when I wasn’t honoring my own goals and gentling me back on my path in positive ways.

I now operate as a whole being. I am not ignoring my physical body as if it has less importance than my mind and spirit. I am proud of the “I AM” that I AM. I am feeding and exercising my body with reverence and recognizing what the food and movement do to make me feel whole. I am deflecting the negativity of my own or others’ voices and operating from my strong center of being.

If you want to become WHOLE in your life approach, if you have stepped off your path and want to get on a true and supportive journey once more, if you long for a teacher to show you a better way to make choices toward your end goals, you’ll love working with Katy!
~ Bonney, Minnesota

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