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For years, while I got a lot done, and was a good friend, employee, and partner, I didn’t really know what I wanted and needed. I lived what was a useful life, a good life, but I didn’t feel connected to myself in a deep way.

I tried many different diets, spiritual paths, and lifestyle suggestions, but I always fell back into feeling too busy to really enjoy my life.

I picked on myself a lot—I wasn’t doing things right, my body was the wrong size, I needed to work harder, be a better person…I felt constrained, held back, stuck, overwhelmed. I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t know how, and I kept falling back into old patterns.

It took a big wake-up call to get me to listen to the need to come home to myself: I was diagnosed with high-risk HPV, pre-cervical cancer.

Now I really had to learn to listen or my life could be at stake!

So I got serious about making holistic health, food, lifestyle, and spiritual changes, really applying the different practices I had learned over the years and playing with new ones. A year of intense practice helped me learn to listen carefully to what my bodysoul truly needs—to learn to slow down, to turn inward, to prioritize pleasure and self-care, and to rest…

I found that I could connect with myself more—the diagnosis made me feel vulnerable so my feelings were more available. I felt touched by my life—by joy and sorrow. My heart came online.

And my precious body! I slowed down enough to sense and listen to her needs. What a gift it is to be alive, to be held and nourished in this physical form! My love and respect for my body came online.

From this place of reconnecting with my body and heart, I was able to truly listen to my needs and know what I wanted. I felt happier in my skin, more satisfied with my life, more present with myself and others.

This new sense of landing in my own authentic self affected everything, even changing the direction of my work. I became so passionate about sharing what I had learned that I went back to school to train as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), a Way of the Happy Woman® Teacher, and a SomaYoga Teacher (200 hour RYT, Yoga North).

And now my life’s work is to serve people like you
in coming home to your authentic self so that you can
craft the rich and soul fulfilling life you deserve!






You know you’re in the right place if…

  • You’re sick of getting stuck in the same old grooves.
  • You want to learn to accept and trust who you are.
  • You yearn to make conscious changes.

I love supporting curious and soulful people who want to stop fixing and stalling and start living, one mindful choice at a time!

I would describe Katy as a woman of passion, a sage, a mentor, a guide, a coach… One who listens with her head and her heart— with a deep wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. Read more.
~ Tamerin, Coach, MN

What are some of the flowers in my garden to help me craft the life I want to live?

(I like this so much better than the “tools in the toolkit metaphor!)

I find what makes me come alive, and then I do it!

I’ve devoted most of my life to my own spiritual development—this turns me on, lights me up, and makes me more able to support others.

In addition to my Nourishing Wholeness offerings, I am an Interfaith Minister and a sacred musician. I LOVE to offer ceremony and song to help bring the sacred consciously into life.

Another flower that I take in daily is beauty! I cannot imagine a life without beauty—and, luckily, I don’t have to because we are constantly surrounded by it!

I LOVE to do yoga, to dance, to garden, to cook, to craft, to collage, and to sing. They fill me up and feed my bodysoul.

The Enneagram, an amazing map of the soul, also graces my life, my relationships, and my work. It provides guideposts for growth that are right on and super practical.

Dave and Katy And conscious relationship, with my husband Dave, is a beautiful flower I regularly tend. Not to imply that relationship is always easy, but holding our relationship as part of our spiritual path is inspirational and transformative! We find great joy in working with couples to support them in tending their relationship as well.

I am blessed.

My question for you is…

What makes you come alive,
and how can you tend those flowers in your garden?

* Exuberant Katy photo courtesy of D’Antonio Photography & The Way of the Happy Woman®




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