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On this page, I offer you ways to practice presence by living your life more mindfully, in touch with the innate beauty of your body, heart, mind & soul.

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This 10-page ebook gives you many suggestions for filling your day with more presence, starting with when you first wake up and finishing when you lay your head back down to rest.

Sing with Me!

Singing is a wonderful practice for connecting with your own full voice/self and with others. See the calendar for zoom and in-person offerings.

A Practice Garden

A number of other practices can be found in my blogposts: rituals, meditations, self-care, creativity, mindfulness, gathas…

Real-Food Nourishment–Recipes!

Nourishing yourself is a practice! I have many more nourishment practice suggestions on my blog.

Here you will find recipes made with real, whole foods, that are gluten- and dairy-free, contain no refined sugar, and avoid high carbs while adding more veggies to your meals.

Click the links on the headers to go to a google docs folder and download recipes! Please let me know how you like anything you make.


Breakfast Muffins
Cabbage, Apple, and Sausage Breakfast Skillet (good as a Main, too)
Green Breakfast Bowl
Nettle Breakfast Oats
Parsnip-Burdock Crockpot Breakfast
Spring Breakfast Bowl
Summer Breakfast Bowl
Zucchini Breakfast Porridge

Low-Sweet Desserts

Cashew Milk Eggnog
Chocolate Lavender Bark, Raw
Chocolate Pots
Chocolate Truffles, Superfood
Oatcakes / Shortbread, gluten-free

Other Mains

Broccoli with Cashew Cheese Sauce
Creamed Kale (and Dandelion Greens)
Dandelions–Flowers and Greens
Kale & Seaweed Salad
Tempeh Patties
Zucchini Cashew Alfredo


Artichoke & Greens Dip
Fermented Purple Cabbage
Raisin-Nut Bread (gluten- and rice-free)
Rye Buttermilk Biscuits (wheat-free)
Scones, Grain-Free
Seed Balls

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