at home
in your body,
at ease in your life

Welcome Home!


If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not the place for you!


My work is about nourishing your wholeness,
about coming home to the truth that you don’t need fixing.

You may need to learn a few new practices
and new ways of connecting with yourself more deeply,
but you are whole and good enough right now.

Yearning for More Presence and Less Overwhelm?

Hello, I’m Katy Taylor, and I’m a recovering good girl and perfectionist!

Most of my life, I thought if I were just good enough—nice enough, understanding enough, loving enough, smart enough, competent enough… I would feel happy, whole, and at ease in my life.

But I tried hard to be all those things, and I still didn’t feel at home in myself.

So, I searched for and found another way—a way that honors our wholeness, a way that sees the sacred in all, a way that nurtures deep connections inside and outside.

A way that nourishes your body, heart, mind & soul.


This is what I offer, in many different forms:

The time I spent with Katy was invaluable. I ended up doing more inner and outer work
with her support than I knew I needed and it has been life-changing
and life-supporting in so many wonderful ways.

Katy is one part health coach, one part cooking teacher, one part spiritual teacher,
and one part warm and friendly mentor. She embodies a truly unique
combination of gifts and talents. 
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~ Francesca, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Washington DC

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Since working with Katy, I am more present, patient, and compassionate with myself and others.
I am less “judgey” with myself, more allowing and noticing.

A very valuable part of the program is that I always felt better after talking with you. It gave me someone else
in my life that I could check in with regularly who was part of my healing posse.
That ROCKED! Read more.

~ Kris, Therapist, Colorado

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