I’ve been going through some stress-related health issues lately that have prompted me to slow down, to take on less, to listen, to ask for support, in short, to re-prioritize my life and look carefully at how I really want to be living “this one wild and precious life.” (from Mary Oliver’s Summer Day).

One aspect of this is related to the noface collage I did last Fall, an aspect of which I am exploring again here. I realize as I walk this healing path, that I don’t know, really, who I will be on the other side. I have ideas that I will be happier or freer or more able to listen to my body…but really, I don’t know who will emerge.

Like the many different faces of woman Susan Seddon Boulet’s paintings portray in this collage, I want to be open to whoever I am becoming. Maybe my sense of self doesn’t need to be static. Maybe, at any moment, I could embody any of these different faces—and others that I could never dream of.

Maybe my true face is like the yellow circle—full and empty, containing all things and nothing, radiant with potential and connected to all of life.

I want to dance this path with integrity and openness to who is emerging, not needing to know all the facets of who I am becoming.

How are you living your “one wild and precious life?” What parts of you are emerging? Do you feel open to not knowing exactly who you are becoming?

Author: Katy Taylor

I am a regular person, like you. I am an earth lover, a seeker, a singer, a gardener, a partner and friend. I have attended a lot of trainings and continue to do my work to grow and deepen and become a more loving person. If you're interested, you can read more about me on the About page.

10 thoughts on “healing”

  1. I love your collages.

    There were 3 women using the Cottage this weekend doing Soul Collage. I hope you can do a collage workshop here sometime.


  2. I am happy to hear this comment, as I am also along a similar path at this point in life; about to make some seismic changes and take some major risks, not knowing what the outcome will be but satisfied that whatever comes, I will just accept it. I have nothing more to ‘protect’ and ‘hold on to,’ I feel, so as the saying goes, “I’m ready for whatever.” The self is never static, but dynamic and organic, which is why (and how) we can grow. I am getting ready to close some doors and hope that new ones will be there to open. Like the Yellow Face, what will emerge cannot be completely controlled, but on the other hand, the face there will still be me, and you. Like the famous comedic sage Charles Schultz said: You have to drive the car yourself.

    Thank you for these thoughts, Katy.


    1. thanks, miles. love the idea of “nothing more to protect or hold onto.” this is definitely how i want to live and yet the ego does want to hold on and protect, so there can be some confusion…what i’m working with is being aware of “who is driving the car.” blessings in your time of change.


  3. katy, i get a squiggly feeling in my stomach at the idea – the truth – that i don’t know the woman i will become. not sure why that makes me feel edgy, something to explore! for some reason, i wish it were otherwise.


  4. yes, i can see that, the excitement and joy…! funny, i can make artwork not knowing the outcome, but me? squiggles in my tummy. i have a hard enough time keeping my feet on the ground without wondering what will keep me from floating away next year!


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