sunflower breathing

this collage is an exploration of an image that came to me during an acupuncture session. my qi was low, so my acupuncturist invited me to imagine breathing in the sun and allowing its glow and strength to flow into me. as I was breathing, the image shifted: my heart was a sunflower, and I was breathing into that sunflower that was blossoming, radiant, full of light, strong, sturdy, and robust. on the exhale, that energy flowed through me to any place that needed healing, and I saw all the hands that support me with friendship, compassion, love, and gentleness surrounding and holding me.

with that healing image in mind, this collage came into being. different from the way my mind’s eye saw it, collaging helped me to discover other parts of the process. much of my practice with my body has been about allowing myself to even have a body—a physical, human body that has needs and desires. I had to accept and own this fact before I could be aware of my need for support. I knew how to stay alive physically, but I’m still learning to enjoy my physical life, to savor, and love it. and for that, I need support—support from others in the form of connection, love, healing…

I see how most of my life, my fearful heart could not allow my need for support in—I thought I was autonomous, self-sufficient, and strong, taking care of my own needs. allowing myself to need something from others has softened me and made me more vulnerable. my fearless heart is able to admit that even if I can take care of many of my needs alone, it’s not as fulfilling, enjoyable, or easy.

so, I am here—landing in my heart and body. more fearless and grounded, and thus, more awake. this path of growth and healing is not very linear. in my healing, I see how I am always becoming. I am here and this is a beginning and no beginning—it is simply here. and in my healing and growth, while I may have an end in mind, there really is no end. as long as I am alive, I am present and transforming, here—and here—and here. embracing, releasing, growing, healing, and continuously surrounded by all the support that I need for this journey.

the colors that emerged reflect a particular kind of support, too—the yellow of Joy and the green of Compassion are featured. as I continue to learn to listen to my body’s and heart’s needs, I grow my ability to be compassionate with myself and others, and more open to moments of joy.

how are you supported? what invites your heart to be open, present, and fearless? what and how are you still becoming?

Author: Katy Taylor

I am a regular person, like you. I am an earth lover, a seeker, a singer, a gardener, a partner and friend. I have attended a lot of trainings and continue to do my work to grow and deepen and become a more loving person. If you're interested, you can read more about me on the About page.

5 thoughts on “sunflower breathing”

  1. katy, this is so beautiful! i had to enlarge the page to see the collage even more clearly.
    i see hands embracing the pelvic region.
    i can’t decide about the man’s hands – they are either giving a soothing forehead massage or they are holding the woman down. or perhaps those hands are like wings to help her fly! there are many, many hands in this collage. the statue, the group yoga pose, the hands holding the flower. wow, just didn’t notice them all at first.
    asking for support – that’s a biggie for me, too. and it makes one oh so vulnerable


    1. hi mary, thanks! for me, all the hands are surrounding me with love and support–women’s and men’s, gifting me with their presence and their energy. receiving is definitely a much more vulnerable place!


  2. Katy, this is inspiring and moving. The collage is so beautiful and the design of it is full of the harmony you have found in your body. I love how the content and the form interlock. Thank you for your generosity in including us in your joy.
    Love, Che


    1. sweet, che! i am finding harmony, slowly, and intentionally, and i am very grateful for that. thank you for being here in my life, as part of the ground of support.


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