2013 natural presence Phrase for the New Year: Natural Presence
What would a natural and open Khyva do?

(Khyva is the new middle name I took to honor and own my matrilineal lineage. My ancestors post talks about this.)

1) Natural Self-Care for my Diamond Peri/Menopausal Years. I am very aware, having celebrated my 50th birthday last year and starting to experience hormonal shifts, that my body is changing. I want to do my best to support this transition with clarity, openness, and love. This includes:

  • Herbs to support the transition
  • Listening to feelings that arise in the hormonal swings for the truth they are communicating
  • Educating myself and getting support as needed

2) Nourishing Wholeness
. This is the DBA I filed this month in honor of it being time for me to move more into the world with what I have been learning and practicing. I just started a Meetup! More to support this process:

  • Work on my book
  • Work on creating this new business
  • Practice: self-allowing, trusting cycles, owning, pleasure

3) Conscious, Intentional Living: How do I want to live?
I realize that most of my life I have not planned my life intentionally. I have mostly tried to control and manage life as it came at me. I’m scared and excited to see what my life might be like if I get clear about how I actually want to live and go about intentionally creating it! Practices to support me:

  • Lunar intentions
  • Daily and weekly and in-the-moment intentions
  • Including pleasure, sensuality, rest, heart

The Cards I drew to support me:

Durga: Boundaries that will assist me in nurturing wholeness.

Awaken: “Keep your eyes open. When we decide to live a more conscious life, we see signs of grace everywhere.”

Arianrhod: Virgin and Mother, care for all life, universality and cyclicity of our lives, nurtures us through dark night of soul changes

Now that we’re just about at the end of the first month of this new year, how are your intentions going? Is there a guiding word or phrase that can be your touchstone? How do you create the life you want to live?

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