magnificent trees, their root structure spreading horizontally twice their height.


icebergs, 90% of their mass underwater.


deep sleep, providing the substrate for your body to integrate, heal, and grow.


real, nourishing food, feeding your cells, creating your bodies, emotions, and thoughts.


movement, pumping blood and air, forming flesh and bone.


inner practice, deepening your connection to your whole bodysoul.



These are the roots you need to rise up
and live your life.



Winter is the time to nourish your roots:


Read or listen to a grounding meditation to deepen your inner roots.




Try my Parsnip-Burdock Breakfast Bowl to feed your belly roots.




Consider joining The SHE Schoolstarting todaya 9-month journey
of like-hearted women who wish to root and rise.
(I’ll be mentoring in the program and this is my personal link.)

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