I’ve been a practicer all my life…


I’ve always been aware of how much there is to learn, to know, to grow into, to embody.


And I’ve felt that if I just…

  • learn how to listen more openly,
  • or understand the relationship between my inner child and my inner rebel more deeply,
  • or up my game with my exercise,
  • or get better at remembering to ask for what I need in the moment,

… then all will be well.


As if there is some happy ending—and I will finally get there through all my practice.


I’m finding that while it’s true that learning new, skillful ways of using my mind, heart, and body have opened me to more happiness, there is no ultimate happiness out there somewhere, that I can land in, stay in, and own.


I heard Terry Patten speak on a Shift Network interview the other day and he said something that is still unfurling inside me:


“The Heart doesn’t try. It is what it is.”


“The Heart doesn’t try.”


A friend on facebook said she was looking for a reorientation to her spiritual practice this summer, wanting it to be “easy breezy.” I bet the Heart knows how to do this.


Just be.


Let the breeze blow, touch us, affect us.


“It is what it is.”



Terry went on further to say something like, as we attune to the Heart, we relax fully into the moment and are OK with what is.


Even in the midst of our practicing, there is a place for rest and relaxation.

For being with what is.

For being OK with what is right here, right now.


This gives us a sense of wholeness, of beingness,

right in the middle of life.


Any time we are able to simply be, with feeling-sensing-consciousness, we are reaping the benefits of our practice, simply receiving the grace of life.


This Heart knowing comes forward to meet us without our striving, efforting, or interference.


When I redid my logo, I tried to capture this by adding the tag line, practice presence for life.


Let’s remember that in all of our practicing, we need to also make time to drop the effort and be. To allow ourselves to sense and feel and be with life as it is unfolding in and through and as us.


God is now

Where your soul belongs, too.

~ Gunilla Norris


Come practice mindful ways to be this Sunday:

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