Spring Equinox is Thursday March 20th

at 4:59 pm Central Time.


The earth has received the embrace of the sun
and we shall soon see the results of that love.
Every seed has awakened and so has all the animal life.
It is through this mysterious power that we, too, have our being.
~ Sitting Bull


This year, I am celebrating Spring Equinox away from the land I live in–in Mexico on vacation!

When we left Minnesota last week, all of a sudden, Spring rains had begun, melting our 2 feet of snow and creating a treacherous, icy landscape, with very real threats of flooding.

The embrace of the sun is being received by the atmosphere, creating rain instead of more snow. The trees are receiving this information and sending it down to their roots, and the buds are counting the hours of daylight until it’s time to pop. This love between sun and earth is beginning to awaken seeds and animals.


How can you let this mysterious power of being awaken you?


This is a question I have taken with me to Mexico.


In the meantime, I offer you practices and rituals from past blogposts so you can align yourself with this great turning of the seasons.


Choose something to support what you need right now in your life to allow this mysterious power to awaken (in) you:


How will you let this mysterious power of being

awaken (in) you?


If you would like more support in creating a fresh way of living, I have two more free offers for you:


And a Spring Workshop!



Join us for our last joint Enneagram workshop in the Midwest before we move to the Pacific Northwest this summer! Read more.

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