Spring Equinox, the cusp of even more light.


No matter how dark it is—the war in Ukraine, the fight for democracy in the US, the pandemic that never ends, the climate catastrophe… the living earth reminds us that there is always this:


And this:



And this:



The living earth reminds us again and again and again how to come back to life after the dark, how to send up new shoots and leaves, how to green, how to flower, how to take in and breathe out life.


Drink in the beauty, the fresh growth, the continuing

outpouring and wonder of the living earth!


If you’d like some practice inspiration, here are some ideas from past posts:


This Spring* and always, may the growing light
brighten your body, heart, and mind
and make you more kind
to yourself, to others, and to all beings.


Sing along with me to Laurence Cole’s Equinox round here.

Find more ways to practice with me.


* Spring Equinox 2022 is Sunday, March 20th at 8:33 am Pacific Time in the Northern Hemisphere.

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