Does lying in the backyard together watching the total solar eclipse count?

How about making sure I get some veggies in at every meal?

What about dancing wildly to feel my juicy aliveness?

Yes. It all counts.


Self-care is about listening to what your bodysoul (body, heart, mind, soul) really needs in any moment to be truly well.


Because of the way we’re programmed (or if we’re in an extreme circumstance of some sort), we can get kinda stuck on one track of self-care.

If my self-care is just about physical body stuff—enough sleep, healthy food, taking my supplements, exercising—it’s not enough.




Yes, I stand by it!

Self-care is bigger than just taking care of your body’s self-preservation needs of what I call grounding and nesting!

We also have to consider our need to feel a sense of belonging and place (connecting), and our need to feel pleasure and turn-on (aliveness / radiance).

All three forms of self-care are innate, animal, instinctual needs that operate under the surface all the time.

Especially when we’re stressed, we pay A LOT Of attention to trying to get at least one of these needs met…


Which one do you habitually and perhaps subconsciously prioritize? (I focus most on my grounding / nesting needs.)

What are you neglecting? (I’ve had to learn to pay attention to my aliveness / radiance needs.)

I’m writing about this in my book Nourishing the Feminine, and I’ll also be teaching about it at my:


Looking forward to supporting you in your self-care needs–in whatever form that takes–classes, retreats, tea, coaching, connecting!




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