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What if you felt at home in yourself—
completely comfortable in your body, in your life?

I know how out of reach this can seem when you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and disconnected.

I love working with women who have a deep desire to come home to their authentic selves!

I’m a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, but what I really do is help women reconnect with their own inner wisdom, their own inner teacher, their inner wise woman.

It is my honor and deep joy to help you learn to nourish yourself naturally with healthy food and cooking, conscious lifestyle changes, and spiritual growth work.

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You Need Nourishment, Soul Food, for the Journey!

If you’re looking for a way to nourish yourself as you walk this daily path of coming home to yourself, you’re in the right place!

As Mother Teresa said: “We can do no great things; we can do small things with great love.”

May this be true in the practice of nourishing yourself.

Take baby steps. Do small things with great love. They add up!

In our culture, we get very caught up in learning new things, mostly with our minds—we read, talk, think, and study…But in order to learn something completely, we have to include not only the mind, but also the body, heart, and soul, what I call the bodysoul.

Some of my favorite ways of taking care of myself include presence practices, nourishing food, and the wisdom of the Enneagram. These help me to orient my life around being present. They support me in a practical way to remember myself, be more awake, and savor all of my life.

I’d love to support you in your desire to be more happy, healthy, and whole!

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The time I spent with Katy was invaluable. I ended up doing more inner and outer work with her support than I knew I needed and it has been life-changing and life-supporting in so many wonderful ways.

Katy is one part health coach, one part cooking teacher, one part spiritual teacher, and one part warm and friendly mentor. She embodies a truly unique combination of gifts and talents. Read more.

~ Francesca, Yoga & Wellness Teacher, Washington DC

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